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Youtube: the "how-to" information resource, and marketing tool.

Youtube information seeking is now the norm!

Increasingly, relevant online information is being sought out and delivered in small "video chunks.”

Attention spans are decreasing, the need to filter through a lot of complex information is growing, and so people are looking for information that can be quickly accessed and efficiently delivered.

Though once considered a diversion and a site devoted to posting crazy pet videos, Youtube has become an information powerhouse, and incredibly the number two search destination on the web. The statistics on Youtube are mind-boggling, currently over 72 hours of video content are being uploaded on Youtube every minute, and recently Google announced that over 1 billion hours of video is being watched every day on Youtube.

Of course much of the content on Youtube is not worth viewing, but increasingly there are valuable “chunks” of information that can be found and quickly accessed on the site. Regular Youtube users often find that it is more convenient to type in a search phrase for a particular question or problem and search a video on the Youtube site than it is to search for information or help on a manufacturers website.

Major companies such as furniture retailer IKEA post simple how to videos for assembling their furniture on Youtube. The valuable takeaway for companies that offer products or technology solutions is that an increasingly larger percentage of business people who are involved in the purchasing decisions are searching for short informational video chunks on sites like Youtube.

For businesses who want to expand their presence online, creating small informative video "chunks", that offer information, assistance, or insight about a company product or service is definitely the way to go.

The production costs to create good online video are reasonably inline with other more traditional marketing collateral, like white papers and other forms of written online content. The time to make your mark and establish your web presence in the digital age is now--2019 is the year for online video.

About Joe Stephens and StratDV Video Production

Joe Stephens is an award winning independent video editor, shooter, and creative producer with over 12 years in the field of corporate video production.

Joe founded StratDV in 2007 to serve small businesses and non-profits in Maryland and Washington DC, through the creative application of online video and web technologies.

Joe has shot and produced video projects that have been used by AOL, Domino's Pizza, IBM, Alcoa Corporation, Annapolis Seafood Markets, Sodexo, SCLogic, UMBC, NRTC, Allegis Group, Comcast SportsNet, Chesapeake Regional Tech Council, Merritt Properties, Chesapeake Academy, The Erickson Foundation, Feed The Children, and a host of other companies and non-profits since 1999. Additionally, his work has garnered national attention, Joe is a two time 2019 Telly Award winner, and 2016 W3 award recipient by IAVA (International Academy of Visual Arts).

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