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FAQ's are boring, why not convert them to video?

Most "FAQ's" pages on most corporate websites are extremely boring, and viewers typically dread a trip to the company's FAQ page. Conventional wisdom maintains that the FAQ page is intended for one purpose: to answer customer questions or address some technical issue, but in the age of the "Enabled Consumer" the FAQ page can become a valuable marketing resource. The video featured above is one in a series of video's housed on a video library page, that we developed for our client Miller Dodson Associates,

The FAQ video library of frequently asked questions regarding the "Reserve Study Process", has become a valuable resource for MDA, as it provides and opportunity to engage a potential client in a more personalized way. MDA, uses the library as a strategic sales and marketing communications resource. MDA staff can easily email links to specific videos in the library to potential clients, this has served as a helpful tool to not only brand the company, but to emphasize the "personal side" of Miller Dodson's working relationship with its clients.

StratDV Media LLC founded by Joe Stephens, is an award winning video production and marketing consulting company dedicated to providing, compelling, and cost effective communications content for our clients. StratDV's clients range from major companies such as AOL, Alcoa Corporation, TRANSAMERICA, PPG, to smaller local businesses such as Annapolis Seafood Markets, and Todd's DIRT Seasonings. Joe holds a B.S. from The University of Maryland and an MBA from Auburn University. To find out more viisit us online at

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