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Web Video Builds Presence and Enhances Sales: A StratDV Client Explains

It's becoming increasingly well known that web video is having a profound and measurable impact on the sales process.

Not only has it been well documented that website viewers spend more time on a website with video, its also been well established that a prospective customer is more likely to make an online purchase when video is present. In fact, a recent landmark study by Aberdeen Group of over 200 marketers found that companies with video on their websites had a customer conversion rate of 4.8%, while companies without video converted at a much lower rate of 2.5%, so the ROI of website video is without parallel.

In this short video, StratDV client Logan Coursey of Alpha Engineering Associates, (an IT management and software development company located in Annapolis Maryland), explains how video has facilitated and enhanced her job as a sales representative for the company.

In the summer of 2013 StratDV Media sat down with the sales team and executives from Alpha Engineering and developed several video concepts to market, brand, and inform potential Alpha Engineering customers, about the companies broad range of IT services, and particular focus on small business IT issues.

Several short videos were developed that expressed the Alpha small business, customer centric service model and provided insight into Alpha's areas of IT expertise. In 2015 Joe sat down with the sales team from Alpha and explored how they were specifically using the video content to drive business results.

StratDV Media LLC founded by Joe Stephens, is an award winning video production and marketing consulting company dedicated to providing, compelling, and cost effective communications content for our clients. StratDV's clients range from major companies such as AOL, Alcoa Corporation, TRANSAMERICA, PPG, to smaller local businesses such as Annapolis Seafood Markets, and Todd's DIRT Seasonings. Joe holds a B.S. from The University of Maryland and an MBA from Auburn University. To find out more viisit us online at

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