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Web Marketing Video: The "Swiss Army Knife" of online content

As businesses seek the "Holy Grail" of a first page ranking with Google, "content" is the buzzword that is being bandied about, and with good reason. Attractive, relevant and refreshed content online is one of the key indicators to Googles search engines, that the business site dispensing that content is worthy of serious "organic" ranking. There are of course a host of other factors that Google considers in the mix, but relevant content is certainly key.

Which brings us to online video.

Video is a highly flexible, adaptable, and SEO friendly form of content and is yet vastly underutilized by most businesses. Why is video under utilized? The reasons are many, video is often perceived as difficult to create, costly compared to other content forms and new and unfamiliar for many small businesses. However video in many cases is a far more cost effective and valuable content format when properly planned, captured, and deployed.

First of all, video is relatively scarce when compared to the amount of text content on the web, as such it is a commodity that stands out. Youtube the number two most searched site on the internet is owned by Google (the number 1 most searched site on the internet), as a result there is a far better chance that a Youtube video (properly optimized) will show on the first page of Google, before a website does.

So back to the Swiss Army Knife analogy, what makes video so valuable to the content marketer is the myriad number of applications and ways it can be re-purposed, and re-used, to greatly enhance organic search, and address key customer needs or issues. Swiss Army Knives' have an endless array of: screwdrivers, bottle openers, saws, toothpicks (yes toothpicks), and other functional tools. Similarly, video has so many different potential business applications. There's live streaming video, video blogs, training videos, how-to videos, video testimonials, product demonstration videos and so on. All of these various video types can serve the content marketer, video can be re-edited, re-purposed, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination. So don't forget to add video to your content marketing mix.

StratDV Media LLC founded by Joe Stephens, is an award winning video production and marketing consulting company dedicated to providing, compelling, and cost effective communications content for our clients. StratDV's clients range from major companies such as AOL, Alcoa Corporation, TRANSAMERICA, PPG, to smaller local businesses such as Annapolis Seafood Markets, and Todd's DIRT Seasonings. Joe holds a B.S. from The University of Maryland and an MBA from Auburn University. To find out more viisit us online at

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