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Video Testimonials: powering your online presence.

StratDV has been producing video testimonials for a wide variety of business clients since 2008. The effect and impact on our clients businesses has been powerful, and productive. Its no surprise that video testimonials are perceived to be of far more credibility, than text alone. So much more information is conveyed to the viewer, facial expressions, tone of voice, an evidenced conviction, and sincerity, are key takeaways of effective online video testimonials.

The following video was produced for Annapolis Pediatrics by my company StratDV. The video is used as a key promotional and recruitment tool on the Annapolis Pediatrics website, as well as in small group informational sessions with potential patient families. A recent landmark study by Aberdeen Group of over 200 marketers found that companies with video on their websites had a customer conversion rate of 4.8%, while companies without video converted at a much lower rate of 2.5%, so the ROI of website video is without parallel. Every business with a web presence should consider adding video testimonials to their marketing mix, they are a far more potent, persuasive, and productive tool than text alone. If you would like to find out how to create effective and compelling video testimonials of some of your key clients, email us, or give us a call at 443-534-5034.

StratDV Media LLC founded by Joe Stephens, is an award winning video production and marketing consulting company dedicated to providing, compelling, and cost effective communications content for our clients. StratDV's clients range from major companies such as AOL, Alcoa Corporation, TRANSAMERICA, PPG, to smaller local businesses such as Annapolis Seafood Markets, and Todd's DIRT Seasonings. Joe holds a B.S. from The University of Maryland and an MBA from Auburn University. To find out more viisit us online at

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