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Positioning Your Business Against The Competition with Video.

"Positioning" is a term that has meaning and relevance to photographers/artists and marketers alike. With the art of photography or film we often think about how to “position” the subject relative to the frame or canvas, or how to position the subject with respect to lighting and shadows. The artist can communicate a message or perspective very powerfully simply by controlling the angle and amount of light that illuminates the subject in the photograph or art. Marketers often use the term to refer to how a product is “positioned” in the marketplace. Typically it involves a variety of attributes such as pricing relative to the competition, or a brand message that aligns to the needs and interests of a targeted consumer group.

Jack Trout in his influential book, "Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind," defines Positioning as "an organized system for finding a window in the mind." It is based on the concept that communication can only take place at the right time and under the right circumstances. A Wikipedia definition of Positioning refers to the term more generically as: “identifying a market niche for a brand, product or service utilizing traditional marketing placement strategies (i.e. price, promotion, distribution, packaging, and competition).

While the concept of product positioning and the science behind it is familiar to most business people, the “art” of positioning often goes unnoticed. The flexible medium of online video can be powerfully and cost effectively applied to position, not only a product, but virtually any type of business or service.

With online video you effectively control and shape the message about you and your business, and with the right video provider, one who understands your market and your story, you will have great power to position your brand against the competition.

StratDV Media LLC founded by Joe Stephens, is an award winning video production and marketing consulting company dedicated to providing, compelling, and cost effective communications content for our clients. StratDV's clients range from major companies such as AOL, Alcoa Corporation, TRANSAMERICA, PPG, to smaller local businesses such as Annapolis Seafood Markets, and Todd's DIRT Seasonings. Joe holds a B.S. from The University of Maryland and an MBA from Auburn University. To find out more viisit us online at

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